Friday, December 21, 2007

"The power of prayer" ...uh, are you fucking kidding me?

You hear Christians talk about the efficacy of prayer all the time.  It's something they just can't get enough of, they boast about it on bumper stickers, "Prayer works!," they offer it in place of actual advice, "Pray on it," they ask for others to  in  it in the form of If prayer worked, then God would not only have to listen to billions of petty requests all day long--he/she/it would also have to decide whether or not to "answer" each one of them--and when there are two (or two thousand) people praying for USC to win the National title and two thousand people are praying for UCLA to win...which two thousand get their way...

It's so preposterous--and impossibly dumb, yet 80% of Americans do it--and believe it works! (And in angels and devils and other equally absurd shit)  What the fuck is the matter with this country? Isn't this the year 2009? What the fuck has happened to us!?