Sunday, September 9, 2012

I CANNOT stand REPUBLICANS (of the "Tea-party"/"Birther"/"Sarah Palin-4-president!" variety). CAN NOT FUCKING STAND THEM.

What I'm currently MOST sick of is their inability to spell OR USE SPELLCHECK or to maintain verb agreement or, GOD FORBID, use a fucking adverb when modifying an adjective or verb or another adverb (!!) before posting their patently stupid and demonstrably-illogical, stone-age "wisdom" on Facebook, or anywhere else, for that matter. All I have to do to know whether or not someone is religious or not is check their post for grammatical errors and misspellings. The higher the number of errors, the higher the odds that "God" or "Jesus" will be praised at some point in the post. Also, the less coherent the post, the greater the odds that the fact that that person is a "Christchiun" (doesn't it look stupid when people spell words you care about phonetically!? Isn't that obnoxious and distracting to your brain even now, many words later?) need to be mentioned, a propos of (and relevant to) nothing. Anyway. I'm crabby today. Please hate all over this post all you like, cuz I deserve it. But, I feel better, for now anyway.

(Note: I just think this is a kinda-hot photo of Elia and myself from a few days ago, it has utterly no function, purpose or business being here in this post, other than for the sake of vanity. But vanity is my favorite sin (for this post, anyway), so in it goes!)